Sunday, August 12, 2007

we're not as long-lived as we'd like to think

Just had to bring attention to this tidbit: US Life Expectancy Slipping in Rankings, says NPR.

See Michael Moore's Sicko, anyone? Just awake are we, anyway??? I do love living in this country, and sometimes I am so disturbed by how we have chosen to have it managed. Remember Rome, the Mayans, and all the other mighty fallen empires, eh?

Remember: sleep well & lots, exercise mightily, eat beautiful & colorful food, and ENJOY your life! (And, uh, make sure you have health insurance....)

And don't forget to cherish our natural world, read interesting things, love & be loved, and make your voice heard.

Your public service announcement for the evening. Now I take my leave to go for a mind-clearing walking meditation in some of the world's most beautiful countryside, here in the good old American Southwest. Bon soir!

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