Monday, August 20, 2007

high country news & other Western-type things of note

Just noticed this on the High Country News website:

We've Been Postaled!
Dear HCN Reader:
On July 15, 2007, HCN got an unpleasant notice from the US Postal Service - a $28,000 increase in our annual bill for mailing the news magazine. For a small, independent newsmagazine this is a big unforeseen expense. $28,000 is enough money to fund five cover stories, or a half year's worth of travel to investigate and photograph stories from all corners of the West.
A timely contribution to the Research Fund will help High Country News to continue providing you with independent, feisty, and necessary reporting about the West that we all care so much about.
HCN's subscribers have proven over the years that they want to support journalism that is passionate yet fair. If you have ever thought of giving a contribution to the Research Fund, we could use your help now.
Thanks for your continued support.
Paul Larmer Publisher

The HCN is very cool. They should get support. Just throwing that out there.

Also wanted to note that I am currently sitting on the deck of a great mountain home in Durango, CO, watching my friend's dog get all tense every time some car drives by slowly (slowly drives by?), breathing in the super-fresh piney air while listening to the wind chimes and the ravens and the rustling tree branches, and again counting myself lucky that I have friends who live in such amazing places who will put me up while I house-search again. (Thank you, Jamie, and her housemates Kelly & Jordy!)

Had a moment earlier in which I felt stressed and had a few snively moments of self-pity, wondering where my house, job, and mate all were, in no particular order, all in some jumbled up mess of need in my head! Then I pulled myself together, remembered by surroundings and all my abilities, and promptly sat down to write again in my blog. Which I need to get publicized so someone out there is actually reading what I write, which is what every scribe craves, no?

Anyhoo, enough on the personal sappy stuff. Also wanted to bring attention to the whole Desert Rock debacle-in-the-making. One blog about it, which I just found, should provide enough info for the newbie, but here's also how it was portrayed in the New York Times recently (have to pay to read). Basically, it's a proposed power plant to be built on Navajo Nation land southwest of Farmington, NM, which is southwest of Durango, which means really close to where I choose to live, which might be really, really scary. There's all sorts of debate about it, and it has locals around here really riled up. I don't even know all the specific details, but I do know it's a huge decision that will likely affect the lives of many, many generations of people, let alone the creatures and the land.

Naturally, it's being built in order to supply power to lovely Las Vegas and even lovelier Phoenix, those two blights upon the Earth. Supposedly it will generate income for the Navajo Nation as well, but my question is, for whom exactly will it generate said income? All the people? And at what true cost?

Anyway. More food for thought, as usual.

Now, back to house-searching....


Dan Cullinane said...

greetings from st. george, where i dragged myself after charging across the brown wasteland for the better part of the day.
here's a thought for you...when unmoored, float. speaking from experience, including the present, there is much pleasure to be had from surrendering to the current...
oh, and work on the know you want it!

Julie K. Trevelyan said...

Yo yo...working away in gorgeous Torrey...actually, smoke-covered Torrey--there's a fire nearby, I guess. And how was exciting St. George?

Floating away,'s certainly less ulcer-inducing, no?