Tuesday, August 14, 2007

lightning and thunder and clouds, oh my!

So I'm out here in the wilds of Utah again, just about my favorite place on Earth, and the last two days it's been very stormy--monsoon season, it's called out in the desert Southwest, believe it or not. Yesterday afternoon, I ventured out to my favorite spot by the river (see the main picture--that's it!), wandered down the trail for short ways, then sat somewhat close to a juniper tree to watch the show.

Lightning, thunder, swirly underclouds colored brick and purple beneath one of those towering "grim reaper" type large dark gray monstrosities that just about covers all the sky you can see--ahh. Gorgeous! The lightning was particularly incredible, leaping cloud-to-cloud or from the ground up, in huge, long spiky flashes, followed by that enormous CRACK! and BOOM! that can still send shivers down my spine, even though I know (in theory) how to take care of myself outside.

I'd brought a book to read (The Pictograph Murders by P.G. Karamesines), but despite the fun of that book (which is set in the general area and is about ancient ruins and skinwalkers and archaeologists, three of my favorite topics), but the natural show was too spectacular, so I just watched that instead. Made my heart thrum and split a wide smile across my face. I am home.

So. I encourage people to sit out in thunderstorms (safely, of course!), turn their faces up to the sky, and open up to the show. You never know--it might be a catalyst for the next masterpiece you write...or dream up...or otherwise create....

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