Tuesday, May 27, 2008

watching out for mercury

I am reminded strongly that Mercury is in retrograde right now. How is this visible? Take a look at the technological thingies in your life--yes, I mean your laptop, ipod, cell, tv, etc. etc.--as well as the toaster, car, garage door opener, and light switches. Are they going nutty? Not working up to par? Then there you have it: Mercury in retrograde, at your service.

I have thus far escaped any particularly tricky issues, but other problems raise their icky little heads, such as miscommunication, nasty tempers, and general confusion swirling around.

It all comes together. Really. The general response usually is, Run! Or, Hide! Both work well when M. swivels around backward, as it were.

On the bright side for me, at least, it's an excellent time to retreat and write, write, write. Oh, and read, read, read. Two of my favorite things, of course. And otherwise, I lay low.

Anyway, I hope your Mercury retrograde issues are of little concern. Remember: keep your head down, take care of yourself, retreat to your sanctuary if you must, and most of all, chant the mantra: This too shall pass.

Amen to that! ;)