Sunday, August 12, 2007

summer afternoons

The heart of lovely here in canyon country! I am fortunate enough to be house-sitting for a friend who works for a national park, so I'm in the Park's housing area at the moment, which is in easily one of the world's most beautiful areas...I get to write and sip yerba mate under the morning light reflecting off the red-and-cream cliffs surrounding this lush green canyon, sitting outside at a picnic bench, listening to birds twitter and whatever else they do, and amaze myself all over again that such beauty still exists in mostly untouched state...not yet completely destroyed by the mindless and greedy, or by the merely stupid and ignorant and careless.

Which is worse, the careless swipe that eradicates a species, or the calculating decimation that fattens the pockets of a few and brings tears to the eyes of many? Deliberate cruelty, or the destruction that stems from utter my mind, both are of equal culpability. Is there excuse for ignorance?

Philosophical thoughts to ponder and twist the brain into spasms of confusion. Hee hee!

The creative fires are lighting under me in this space, which of course for a writer is an excellent symptom. Do I turn my hand first to the short stories that always, always beg to tumble out when I am here, in this land rich with place and people and event that all demands to written down and embellished for the ages? (Or at least for a good laugh, in some cases.) What of the essays that languish half-finished on my laptop, filled with lilting phrases and acerbic viewpoints and perhaps, sometimes, startling clarity? Mm, there's also the screenplay I'm writing with my friend Dan--that, indeed, needs to be worked on, as he often reminds me of late!

Choices, choices. Then, there's also simple lazing by the river...passing time at the local bookstore and catching up with old friends and acquaintances...watching the fawn and its mother grazing outside my friend's back door...apples to be picked from the orchards...Dreamtime to be had!

I love summer. It doesn't seem to last nearly as long as it did in childhood, when it stretched on into an unimaginable eternity...I mean, really, it seemed to be forever, didn't it? This growing up business...puts a dent in time, doesn't it....

Well. Onward to lazy summertime activities today. Namaste, and have a lovely, lazy summer afternoon yourself.

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