Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Thundering...Must be Summer

I love the midsummer thunderstorms we get here. They're huge, awesome, loud, rolling, drenching, dark, kind of scary sometimes. Looks like another great one is building right up this afternoon over the Boulder. If I get any good pictures I'll post them. I almost got out the other day during a big storm to see if anything was flashing that I might photograph, but that didn't pan out. It would be interesting to see a flash flood...from a very, very safe distance.

In the meantime, cruise over and check out my latest blog post for NileGuide, on the Top 5 Hidden Gems at Zion National Park. Any disagreements? Suggestions? Better local hidden gems? Shoot them my way. I'm always open to new things! (Well, within reason. Ha.)