Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lineage Holders of Dysfunction

Okay, had to use that as a title--isn't it great? Thanks to a friend who shall remain anonymous on this post--who's perhaps afraid of karmic retribution for being sassy! In a nutshell, there is a group in this little part of Utah which practices its own brand of spirituality, which is open to all, and it's wonderful that they do it, indeed. Diversity's a great thing. The occasionally frustrating issue is that the leading members of this group have a tendency toward, ah, being the enlightened ones, the ones who are mindfully living their lives of great understanding and have been given the burden of being the teachers of others. Therefore, these lineage holders are better than you and I. At least, that's the impression some of them give at times. Many times. Lots of times.

So they've been dubbed the Lineage Holders of Dysfunction, because their group is really full of quite dysfunctional people! (As we all are, bless our varied uniquenesses.) Or perhaps it's just that they're sort of teaching dysfunction? Hmm...ideas to ponder. Anyway, I just thought that was fun, and I was moved to put it as today's post. Plus, I see a short story forming...heh heh heh.

Anyone else out there have their own experiences with lineage holders of dysfunction?

Okay, enough of this. I'm off to pick peaches in the Park! Persecuted Mormon pioneers settled this place (it's called Fruita) originally, and they planted lots of fruit trees--self-sufficiency and all that. The Park staff tend to the orchards all year, and the public benefits at harvest time by being able to pick said fruit for nominal prices. And is it ever good.... A friend of mine and I tried to get some last night, but they locked the gate on this particular orchard at 5pm. I suppose to keep out all those marauding deer?


Dan Cullinane said...

so i think, i think, i know who the lineage holders of dysfunction are, i think...maybe...either way, today, i have to say i can't support anything that doesn't support caffeine, but maybe thats because i'm on the road.

i really really want a peach.

Julie K. Trevelyan said...

The peaches are soo, sooo good. I'll eat lots for you! ;)

The Lineage Holders...well, I'll email you about that separately. Karmic retribution and all that. But they are NOT the dominant religion in this area, that much I will reveal. (Although I suppose to some, they could be.)

And I must add that caffeine should always be supported. Except when one is cleansing. Then it should be avoided. Like the plague. Or like bad, weak coffee.