Wednesday, August 15, 2007

rising writing talent

This is a bit old, from the July/August issue of Poets & Writers, but their First-Fiction Annual showcases new voices, which I always find interesting. One day, I vow, my voice will be among them! Praised for my amazing ideas, unique style, perfectly imperfect characterizations, witty turns of phrase, heartbreaking moments of prose that bring our occasionally senseless world into greater clarity--ah yes, I can hear all the accolades now.

Although, such imaginings are essential to us all: see, for example, some work by the author SARK, whom I adore and who validates dreaming and scheming: SARK. Oh dear, that's on Let's go back to Powell's, whose selection is smaller but should still be wholeheartedly supported: SARK. There, now you have a shopping choice.

Back to my visions of published glory now....

Hmm, what? Oh yes--I'm daydreaming again. Time to get back to writing. I'm off to Panorama Point this morning, in the Park (that would be Capitol Reef National Park, where I have the luck to be temporarily ensconced), to watch the interplay of morning light and clouds and journal about it all while sipping on my yerba mate.

And what are you doing about your chosen art this morning? (Or, should I say, that art that chose you.) Off with you, go create.

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