Monday, January 26, 2009

natural bridges, naturally stunning

Found this article in the the Salt Lake Trib today about Natural Bridges National Monument. As the writer says, it is off the beaten path. It is gorgeous. I do recommend visiting it if you're so inclined. Generally, it's not a destination in itself, but part of a loop, since it is waaaay in the boonies.

I've been to Natural Bridges twice--maybe three times? There is a paved road one can drive with little stops that overlook breathtaking parts of the park. You can of course also get out and stretch your legs with a hike. You know me--move your rear and get up close and personal with all the sights out there. But I think a lot of people just do a drive-through en route to somewhere else. (Guilty as charged on that count myself! I was headed to Colorado for a workshop and short on time. Judge not lest ye be judged, yadda yadda yadda.)

The sky is dark, with no large nearby towns to drown out the starlight. The land itself can be immense, silent, so vast and fierce against one's puny humanness. And the remnants of the ancient ones who called the place home are scattered throughout, provoking creative speculation among the more speculative-minded.

Sigh...I'm longing for Utah right now. I miss the canyons, the natural stone bridges, the bright skies, the star-pocked canopy of night. Thank you, o random article, for reminding me where home truly is...

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