Thursday, January 22, 2009

i'm vibrating with rage at the moment

Okay...this is basically off topic. I've read about this before, and just ran across a Facebook group about it.

So there are truly sick and twisted individuals in China (be careful not to get angry at the whole country, although it's very tempting) who SKIN ANIMALS ALIVE. Dogs and cats. Every day. For their damn fur. Because of money. And, apparently, because they get off on torturing living beings?

A group called Animal Saviors is trying to raise awareness about it. Check it out. Please sign the petition. Please forward it.

You may not want to watch the video. I didn't and won't. But I will remember. This is the kind of thing that brings murderous thoughts rising through me in a bright red haze. Very, very hard to extend compassion to the people who do (RIGHT NOW! They are doing it right now.) such things.

Good god. I need to go throw up, cry, scream, or something now.

I may just have to write about it. Using my voice is sometimes the best (only?) tool I have.


Robin Road said...

I watched about 30 seconds of the video.

I guess I was hoping that it would be old grainy footage that would make you wonder if it wasn't "make believe".

You know, those dark films with muted sounds, the stuff that make high school science films look modern?

I turned it off and had to pace around for a little while...Not quite sure what to do except give my little ones love.

I told a co-worker about it who was equally horrified.

How did it get this bad? How do we stop it?


Julie Trevelyan said...

You were stronger than I to even attempt watching it.

And you're right about how to stop it: Exposure. Talking about it. Blogging about it. Petitioning about it. Also, I think, hitting them where it hurts: financially. Boycotting products. I think many people already *try* to boycott products made in China--but then you'd have precious little left to buy!

I've thought about making up little cards and leaving them near retailers' products that have fur on them...but while that may feel good, I don't think it's very effective in the long run. Sigh.

Agitate. Expose. Pray. Write. Show. Tell. Get the word out. No animal should have to SUFFER in such a horrible, needless, unimaginably cruel, cruel, cruel way. No animal, nowhere.