Friday, March 19, 2010

introducing a new blog!

I mentioned in another post that I would soon be sharing another blog with the world. (To be more precise, with all 14 of you faithful readers out there. Hee.) Anyway...drumroll please....

Introducing my NileGuide Blog! I am super stoked about this. The folks over at Nile Guide have been nothing but enthusiastic, helpful, fun, and supportive of their Local  Experts. (Such as moi. Hey, that's very cool, I just realized...I can put the word "expert" on my resume in an official capacity. Sweet!) My first post on it, Rollin' Through Bryce Canyon on a Fat Tire, just went live today. Again, very excited.

(photo courtesy of Tim Brink)

This blog, my Red  Rock Writer blog, of course is my much more personal one, the one of my heart and soul and angst and hope and despair and wondrous wide-eyed innocent in the world persona, and all that juicy human stuff. Love it! Hope you do, at times. Or at least find it mildly intriguing, inspiring, whatever comes to mind at the moment.

Ah, back to the grind now. I will be in an intensive course all next week and am anticipating much time spent studying. As opposed to blogging, writing, tweeting, facebooking, deadlining, and other life-y things. Sigh.

Happy Almost Spring, everyone! (That officially lands tomorrow. Wah-hoo!)


Nickie Goomba said...

You are certainly living up to your Cornish heritage. Well done!!

Julie Trevelyan said...

A belated thank you! Yes, my unusual last name. People rarely realize it's Cornish. They often guess Armenian.