Monday, March 08, 2010

holy snowfall, batman

Wow. We are getting hammered here in southern Utah! I woke up yesterday morning to five fresh inches...which mostly melted by afternoon, leaving a soupy, muddy bentonite mess out there. Went on a walk with Pip and we slogged through much muck. My NEOs are still in my truck, wrapped in plastic and by-now-hardened red mud.

So imagine my, ah, surprise when I got up this morning, staggered out into the living room, and beheld outside--yet another winter wonderland. Totally amazing. Gorgeous. Breathtaking. Very photo-worthy! The branches of the trees are dripping with snow loads, all the mud is again covered in white, and the sun rising over the Henry Mountains is shooting lovely angles of light over it all.

Must say, it is somewhat unusual for this area, in my admittedly short experience here. (I mean, I've only been here ten years. Can't compete with the old, old-timers who croak, "Why, the winter of '55 was just huge, I tell you!") But apparently this is an effect of the La NiƱa weather pattern. I'll take it, for sure. Our water tables will be very full, our wildflowers will be utterly astounding this spring, no water shortages to worry about this year. me more time to get out skiing at one of the southern resorts.

Ah, pretty pretty out there. About to head into Capitol Reef to snap some pics with my photographer neighbor. If I get any good ones I'll post them later.


Michelle said...

Lovely! Enjoy this snow.

Julie Trevelyan said...

I'm definitely enjoying it, actually! We drove up on the mountain and got some more pics...gorgeous, huge mounds of white snow and blue, blue sky. Ahhh....

Amiee said...

Wow looks gorgeous - I love the contrast of the red rock, snow, and beautiful blue sky. Haven't been to desert in so long... ughh!

Julie Trevelyan said...

Aimee, you've got to get down here sometime! I'd definitely put up another NG-er at my place, if you need a spot. :)

Just make sure you wait till mud season is over, lol. My dog and I had epic slippage one our jaunt this afternoon! I thought I'd be snowshoeing. Oh, how silly of me. But it is still, and always, gorgeous down here in the desert indeed.