Monday, December 01, 2008

stop the insanity

Aha, she exclaims triumphantly! I have found me more redrock peeps: Red Rock Forest. Check them out.

And there's a call for comments about the bullcrap upcoming land leases in southern Utah. Check out here for the draft environmental impact statement and here for more info on making your voice heard in the rather endless battle to simply protect this gorgeous land. And here's an article in the Salt Lake City Tribune, just to catch you up on it all. :)

On a personal note, I am in moving and writing mania. Babcia is getting stronger, which is exciting. And life is still beautiful here in my own personal red rock nirvana. Can't ask for much more than that...


LauraJean said...

Hi! So Babcia is getting stronger? Awesome! How are you? How's mom?

Julie K. Trevelyan said...

Aww, you're so sweet to check this. Yes, she's stronger. My mom's hanging in there! Sleeping more, which is good. Still a waiting game overall, but things are moving along.

LauraJean said...

of course I check it! I have an RSS feed on my yahoo page. I check every day! I will call you tomorrow. Is that okay? My throat hurts a bit today so I am trying not to talk. but i fixed my laptop so now i can do all this while i am sitting on the couch with madison.

chris said...

I've either been lazy, lazy, lazy or going 100 mph looking in the rear view mirror searching for that sneaky little light bar.

I have been reading your blogs though. I love your blogs. Their filled with bits of wisdom, chunks humor and sprinkled with environmentalism. Its a good recipe, really.

I am glad to hear that your Grandmother is doing better. My own grandmother is 86 and still wearing heels. At this point she will outlive me. I think her secret to good health is to annoy and stress out all those around her. I love my Grandma. But hopefully I don't inherit those traits. I may not be as lucky as she and have a family to take care of me when I'm old and cantankerous!!

Anyway. I just wanted to touch bases and say hello before I get lazy again. The holidays are upon us and good cheer is around the corner. Unfortunately, once we turn the corner, the holiday good cheer will disappear with it!

I have created a Facebook account and maybe, just maybe I will actually write in it and upload a photograph or two. Feel free to add me on as a friend if you like. I just hope you won't be bored by it!! Type in Christene Maraio and I'll be the one with the silhouette photograph...Only because I haven't figured out how to upload photographs. So, for the time being I'll look like a dude in profile.

Oi...Take care and Happy Holiday!