Tuesday, September 09, 2008

moon dancin'

The moon is almost full, folks! Dance madly! I love the almost-full moon. It's a sacred time to me, from my vision quest last year...and it's pretty damn cool anyway. I mean, the moon. Amazing.

So dance, everyone! Just go outside and flap your arms and wiggle your butt in the moonlight. If nothing else, you'll feel silly, and therefore laugh (even if it's at yourself). And generous laughter is always a beautiful thing.

I'll be doing it too, so you won't feel too lonesome or too silly. ;)

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Stefan Wisniowski said...

Hey Julie K. Sorry to jump into your blogspace, but I am searching to reconnect with Halina Trevelyan (your mother?) - can you help get us in touch? Thanks Stefan(write to kresy-siberia-owner@yahoogroups.com)