Tuesday, June 10, 2008

little blessings

Today it is windy. Very windy. My eyes are hurting at this moment. It has also been sunny and quite warm. Ah, the weather here. It informs one's personality at times, I think.

I have a new dog, as yet unnamed (formerly Jasper, but I had a cat named Jasper, so I think this dog has a new moniker awaiting). He is darling, and daring when in a protective mood, and calm, and gentle, and excited to have such a lavish of attention upon him. He came from the same place my horse lives and is your typical little Wayne County cowdog mutt. Perfect! I think I may love him already. Of course, I am a softie. And he seems to get on well with cats, if one encounter can be judged, which is course necessary, considering the cats in my life.

Writing is going well for me, in some ways. My deadlines threaten to overwhelm me, on top of this job I have taken for the summer. Drama and chaos surround me in my jobplace, and I steadfastly refuse to allow it to engulf me completely.

If only we could remember all the time how petty it is to be petty! How short and sweet life is, and how we should honor it and cherish it and love it.

But no. Not all think that way! Phooey on them, I say. And yes, I do get petty and short and childish and mean myself at times still. But I like to think it is fewer times than before, and will be even fewer times in the future.

My new dog is quietly curled by my feet, guarding his newfound human companion as we sit in the wind. What a blessing a dog is. And a horse. And cats.

And, of course, hummingbirds! (That's for my mom.)

Anyway. I feel blessed, for sure. And I'm just fine with that.


Team Trail Monster said...

FYI - As a complete stranger I am still intrigued by the wistfulness that you allow the wind to blow you from place to place...As one of the anchored souls, I wish for the wind to someday allow me to flutter where "I can dance with movement this summer, with abandon, and enjoy every second of every day (or least make my best effort)." - RRW Until then I will watch from my rooted home in the midwest. FYI - I am not sure exactly how I found your blog, but know that I drop by to catch up silently from time to time. Just keep dancing like nobody is watching...as someone maybe living vicariously through your adventures.

ps...maybe someday I will make back to my own blog to share my stories...until then there is always picasa...pictures are my words.

Julie K. Trevelyan said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your comment reminds me why I blog--and that I'm not just shouting into a vacuum. And I have a feeling your own dance is quite beautiful too...just let it out. :)