Saturday, January 05, 2008

snow, snow everywhere

The snow is falling straight down in big, fast flakes. Barren trees outside my window stand tall, naked, and seemingly not cold at all, while I shiver just looking at the view. My shiver, however, is one part chill, one part delighted memory, and one part thrilled anticipation. Snow is my friend, especially after I finally learned how to ski last winter. When I consider my current goal of learning to tele this winter, the shiver becomes a downright orgasmic zip of mini-shivers all over my body—dozens of little geese walking over my grave, that wash of physical feeling over the body, reminding me of my human skin and limited time to play as much as I can, while I still can. I have no desire to cheat death by being a reckless fool on the slopes—just enough of one to send a tightening around my chest and a clarity into my vision. Ah, thank god for mountains in the West! And for delicious snow.

The backyard of my back apartment is a little winter sanctuary. If I angle my head just right and don't cast my eyes upward to see the suburban street I call home, it's almost as if I'm in the wilderness, watching this winterfall all around me. The flakes are becoming even bigger, they fall even faster, more determined to dump its gorgeous contents all over us, to show us how it is sweeping the land, dominating in its time to be king.

This particular snowfall is wet, heavy, and very steady. It is piling up outside my door, knocking out the power now and again, and, most vexingly, interrupting my satellite service (oh, the indignity. I would like to have watched the presidential debates.). This storm will go on for a while, encouraged as it is from lands even farther to the west, where a “monster storm” (MSN's words) is wreaking havoc all over the place, which basically boils down to one thing: it will snow a lot more out my way. A lot more. And being a wet, heavy snow, that also means more avalanche danger, which is pretty freaky as far as I'm concerned. Not interested in ever meeting one of those. No thanks.

However, from a strictly environmental viewpoint, this weather is also a good thing. Weathercasters were predicting La Nina, a dry spell. Snort. Not hardly! This sort of weather is good, good, good in the long run. Curse it now, but we will be loving it in the truly dry heights of summer.

As someone who wants to learn to tele-ski (oh yes yes yes!), this weather is exciting and urges me out the door. However. As a writer with very specific goals, this weather also urges me to sit my rear down and WRITE. I have been allowing myself to be distracted, of late, by Facebook. Good grief, is that thing addictive. Check it out yourself if you don't believe me!

Sigh. So, dear reader (yes, singular; I think I'm down to one), that is exactly what I'm going to do tomorrow, instead of exploring the continuing delights of skiing. As I also hold a day job, skiing during the week is not an option at the moment. Which is why I am moving toward supporting myself completely from my freelancing! So I can make my own schedule. Luckily, I have the know-how behind me to make this happen. When we are pushed into situations that are truly uncomfortable, we will finally really embrace change...

Back to winterfall. It will cradle my dreams tonight, listen to them with a soft and deep silence, punctuated only by the gentle whush of new snowflakes adding onto the deep piles everywhere, coating everything, the tree branches, rooftops, my truck. (Hmm. I need to make sure I'm not parked under a tree!)


c. peterson said...

i enjoyed reading your account of the snow. in minnesota it is nice to be reminded that snow is amazing. your readers probably appreciate it too.

Laura said...

I have been thinking of you, but so tired and busy i haven't called. (I did the math and this week I averaged 4 hours of sleep. And I took on some side-clients because i need the money.)i know, i am bad.... :-( I am glad you are okay. i know that you are enjoying the snow... i kind of envy you, but if it snowed in LA, well, you know what would happen. So i would have to be somewhere else.

Many questions for you. What is tele-skiing? And what is your day job? And when are you coming to LA? Do you have enough supplies to get you through the snow?

Well, girl, stay warm! I am thinking of you!! Love you!!!

Julie K. Trevelyan said...

Thanks to you both!

C.: thanks so much for looking. I'm really glad you're still writing your poetry, which is as gorgeous as I remember it from way back in the day in that crazy, wind-tossed little place a bunch of us used to call home....

Laura: tele-skiing, or telemark, is free-heel skiing, where the back of the heel is not firmly attached to the ski, as it is in alpine skiing, which is the skiing most people are more familiar with. There's a different body style to tele-ing, which involves bending the knees more. Tele is how people go back country skiing, with avalanche probes, beacons, and hopefully a healthy respect for potential snowslides. (I don't really plan on doing much in the back country--we'll see.)

Current day job: working at a college bookstore. Really fun.

Coming to L.A.: as soon as I can! Need to see Mom & Babcia, and retrieve Bella to take her back to the land of lots & lots of snow....

Supplies: dude, I have wifi, satellite tv, and a kick-ass 4WD truck. Don't worry about me, I'm totally set! (Besides, the snow's not *that* bad.)