Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Greetings, 2008

Mm, 2008. I sense excellent opportunities and adventures and happenings for everyone this year! Goals, anyone? (Not necessarily "resolutions," which is a such a scary, committed, and nearly impossible concept for so many...me included!)

Some of my 2008 goals:

1) Finish the screenplay with Dan!
2) Write and sell my tell-all catharsis novel (heh heh)
3) Support myself entirely by my writing
4) Learn how to tele-ski! Whee!
5) Buy my own place...even if it's tiny...
6) Deepen my yoga practice
7) Enrich my spiritual practice
8) Make at least twice as much money as I did last year (can't be too hard, considering last year's income....)
9) Be more healthy overall, especially with diet, self-care, and exercise
10) Continue to remain open to all the lessons...even the ones I don't think I want

Happy New Year, everyone. May you be blessed, invigorated, soothed, and enjoy your life.

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