Monday, December 10, 2007

writing at 6a.m.

Okay, I wasn't really writing at 6a.m. this morning--but I was awake, believe it or not. Of course, I also went to bed before 8p.m., so that helped considerably with the early morning rising! I did do some writing this morning, though, which is unlike me--I usually write in my journal, but this was other writing. Interesting...but I must remind that I went to sleep so early! We shall see if this continues.

Do you ever get the impression that there are all sorts of messages for you, everywhere you look, that focus on the same subject? For me, for the last several months, it's all been about WRITING! Even this fun read I just finished last night was about a woman dumped by the love of her life, who went on to discover herself--that, namely, she was a writer who actually, finally, started to write. Hmm. Very interesting.... And I saw the movie Becoming Jane a few months back--same theme--writing....

Anyway, just noting that when one is supposed to be doing something, the universe does indeed encourage it--whole-heartedly, and relentlessly.


Anonymous said...

clearly i have no thoughts on writing whatsoever since i haven't blogged in forever, until tonight...but...oh but nothing, writing is a crazy compulsion that rarely lets me choose what i'm going to write about so writing about sex and violence isn't really an option...anyway, THEY'RE GONE! I'M FREE for about 20 days. God it feels amazing!

Julie K. Trevelyan said...

HOORAY! Now the question is...will you write during these upcoming 20 days? Or sleep? ;)