Thursday, June 14, 2007

little munchkins everywhere

So my friends have been having babies over the last several years now. Jen & Murph just had Gavin (very cute), Leah & Ryan are due next week, Jesse & Grace have almost-one-year-old Elsa--the list goes on. And I just read about a 60-year-old woman who recently gave birth to twins. There's a lot of mixed sentiment on that, for sure! My mom said if she discovered right now that she was pregnant, she might cry. (I'm embellishing a bit, but you get the point.)

Kids in the this world--obviously, it needs to happen and will continue happening, unless we all kill ourselves in one fell swoop through continued planetary destruction or some other mindless, pathetic means. I often think about adoption, fostering, all the different options. Which is best? I think that question can only be decided by the individual couples or the individuals themselves. Me? Not sure. Within the past six months or so the names of three children have come to mind (don't get too excited here, Mom!), which I am keeping close to my heart for now. First off, I 'd like a healthy, sustaining relationship before the children happen. And I have a year-long personal commitment to not be in relationship with anyone else at the moment. (And it's also possible that the three names only came up because back in my early 20s, a palm reader at Venice Beach told me I'd one day have three sons, and my body is urging me to get on with it! Sigh.)

But I wonder about some things. Looking at my age (38), the question arises, will I even be able to have children for much longer? If I still can at all? A friend of mine who is the same age discovered last year that her eggs are too old to "catch" any longer, which was a bit of a blow to her and her husband. Secondly, would I really want to adopt, as I have professed before? Would biology prove too strong? Will my furry critters remain the only "children" I ever have?

Anyway. Some thoughts. Anyone else's thoughts on babies, procreation, all the choices out there, general overpopulation of the planet now, biological urges, etc. etc. etc.?

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John Cotterman said...

Well, yea, I know the arguments about bringing too many (or any) kids into an overpopulated, overconsumed world, but we need more intelligent, caring, and awake folks around and the best way is to nurture and guide some kids in that direction yourself. I've done it with a couple of biological offspring and am damn proud of what (small) contribution I've made to how wonderfully they're turning out. But there are plenty of lonely lost kids crying out to be adopted and that's also a great choice. Or arrange just to be around youngun's and hope to influence them (as well as learn from them).