Sunday, May 06, 2007

late afternoon musings....

Wow, I'm on a roll today. Guess it's because I've had this blog for a year and only started writing posts for the first time last night...go figure. Or maybe it's also because I'm avoiding things. Ah! Likely story, that one.

Things on my mind & heart:

My grandmother's in the hospital with pneumonia, kidneys not in good shape, and she's just really, really tired-sounding. She's around 86, I think, and she's a wonderful hoot. From Poland, still speaks with an accent that many of my friends found indecipherable. Her stories are amazing, very funny, quite well-delivered. I'd really like to see her right now. Last time I saw her was in early March.

I'm in the midst of one article query, about three short essay ideas, and a blurb for a book (I write back cover copy for a line of romances. Who'd'a thunk you could do that, huh?). It is now 5pm and I have successfully avoided approaching all those alluring occupations all day... I did go on a walk by the river earlier, the Animas River, runs right through Durango (my current place of residence, although not my home--more on that in some other post). Rather gloomy here today, overcast, dribbling rain on us now and then. Yesterday it snowed, flurried, slurried, snowed some more. It was in the high 70s last week. Spring in the Rockies.

Anyway. That's what's occupying me right now, for the most part. Hmm, maybe I should a) call my grandmother again (she's in California) and then b) do some writing....

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