Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pot hunting. Yeah, it doesn't pay.

I firmly, albeit sadly, believe that greed will always be a part of the human condition. I suppose that's not all leads to lessons, no? But it sure as hell is disappointing most of the time. Take this SLTrib article about looters of ancient artifacts in southeastern Utah. It's a big bust, and it just went down. Hoo-rah!

It's aggravating. Annoying. And yet...I feel the oddest little tickles of greed myself, despite all my high-minded (and genuine) ideas about sharing and not doing The Wrong Thing. I'd like to see ancient treasures myself. Up close and personal. In situ, actually. All by myself. Now, I don't want to take them. Heck, no. As I've mentioned before, I have too much respect for a) ancient spirits casting a disapproving eye upon such activity, b) the rights of citizens to be able to enjoy the protected wonders of their country, and c) the laws of the land. In that order, too, I might add. But I do want to see them, admire and enjoy them all by myself. Frankly, I'd really like to see the "pre-Columbian menstrual pad." I mean, come on! How interesting would that be? A great reminder that no, Virginia, contemporary humans did not, in fact, invent the wheel. They just like to pretend they did.

Is that sort of drive, this really deep interest, at the root of this sort of greed? Or do the looters really just want to pay their rent, put braces on Janie, and don't give a fig how they get that money? I wonder.

I'd also like to note that this went down in Blanding, Utah. What a shocker! Blanding has been ground zero for looting over many decades--since the 19th century, really, when white folks discovered that those back Easterners would pay top dolla for real live Injun artifacts. Families in Blanding have been raised around the concept of looting. As if it's The Right Thing. Some members of one family in particular have been involved in pot hunting for a long time.

Grr. And at the same time, HA. You got caught. Now, stop teaching your kids that this is the Right Thing to do. Because it is not. End of story.

Anyhoo. Your southern Utah news for the day. Pot hunting: you can do it if you want, but eventually you'll lose. Especially if you're taking things from the land that by all rights belong to every citizen...not just you and your freakin' greedy little fingers.

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