Friday, August 01, 2008

rivers run through me

I must first begin by asking what happened to July? Time = weird.

But on other matters: rivers. I realized some time ago that rivers define me, surround me, soothe me, call me, and offer me sanctuary. I've always been drawn to rivers. The gurgles and rushes and trickles, the rumbling sound of boulders and rocks being moved along the streambed, the meditative quality of the endless play of water against the earth--aahhhh. It's lovely, it's filling, it's soothing, it's invigorating.

Many rivers have rumbled through my soul over my lifetime. The Fremont River, of course. The Animas River in Durango. The little stream that runs briefly and then dries up through Eaton Canyon in Pasadena. Countless others. Carcass Creek. The river that runs off Mt. Baldy. The Merced River racing through Yosemite Valley.

Oceans are great. Lakes are serene. But really--give me a river. And it's not that I fish, or run rapids (shudder), or canoe or kayak or even tube float all that often. I just like rivers. Simple. I sit by them, I read, I dream, I write, I nap, I stare mesmerized into the flashing waters, I cry, I laugh, I splash water at friends, I skip stones, I watch my dogs play. I live my life by rivers, in a sense.

And how beautiful is that?


chris said...

It is very beautiful indeed.

I was never really drawn to oceans or large bodies of water. They are too vast....expansive....without borders. I feel claustraphobic on boats, surrounded by an endless horizon. I fear the large evil monster that is lurking just under me, waiting for a hand or foot to drape over the edge, then suck me down into the dark and cold abyss.

Even sitting on the beach and gazing out leaves me feeling apprehensive...Theres something about the roar of waves rushing towards me and crashing down into the sand, wiping away any trace of what was there only moments before.

Maybe its because most of the dreams that wake me up with a wildly beating heart are the ones where a large sea or wave is carrying me away. Those are the dreams where I can't turn and run.

But, show me a waterfall, however large or small and I'm mesmerized for hours. If its small enough I'll stand under it and let the water pour over me until I'm numb. If its powerful I'll stand as close as possible to soak in every drop of spray that I can.

I love standing under them and looking up at the droplets descending upon me..Each one on its own individual journey until it joins the others once again.

It was once part of something greater, but it breaks off temporarily to make its own path. But ultimately it must join others again to complete its destiny.

Such is life...

As always, keep writing.

Julie K. Trevelyan said...

You know, your words are beautiful too--and when we see a blog from you, hmm?

Yep, it's all about the rivers. Although I rode up to a place on Boulder Mountain called Lost Lake the other Now, that's a lake I could fall in love with. And oceans are kind of cool...I mean, I did grow up in So.Cal.

But, nah...rivers are where it's at.

chris said...

Thanks for the compliment!

Hmmm. My own blog? This would require technical computer related skills, no?

I'm still learning how to log on to these 'pooters.....

Ciao for now.