Wednesday, September 05, 2007

stranger than fiction

Okay, so home is also sometimes very strange. Recently, in this little area plunked in the middle of nowhere, Utah, there were two events that perhaps more often happen in larger population centers: a murder-suicide; and a woman who accidentally ran over her husband and dog with their car.

This is all, of course, more fodder for the Wayne County novel/short stories I have been idly threatening to write for years.... No laughing matter, of course, but still. One must say, there is a lot of drama inherent in these events, and that makes for interesting reading.

The murder-suicide, by the way, involved a couple not from this area. It occurred in one of the local motels, where the owner discovered the bodies after the man did not show up for work and his boss called the motel to see if he was there. I hear it involved a love triangle. The motel owner is cleaning up the room. I should hope he smudges it as well (although knowing this guy, it seems doubtful he would be familiar with the cleansing idea behind smudging, much less actually do it). I would not want to stay in a room tainted by the energy of something horrible like that.

Maybe I should stay here and write all winter. Seems to be a bubbling well of stories available here, ready to leap from real life to my pen (keyboard).

Nah. I want to ski. And eat decent food.

Off to write! I have stories to tell....


Dan Cullinane said...

so...where are you going?

Julie K. Trevelyan said...

Oh, I go to Durango, fer sure. But not for a few more months...